BrandServe | Who are we?

Getting your brand noticed and maximising sales in today’s noisy, competitive world has never been tougher!

The BrandServe group of companies helps you to raise your brand above the noise and maximise your sales opportunities. We help you sell more…

To give you peace-of-mind with the challenges you face each day.

We offer a comprehensive range of ‘best-in-class’ solutions that are market-leaders in the areas of:

Research, Marketing & Sales

Helping you understand what your customers want, optimise your supply chain, promote your products and maximise sales

Training & HR

Enabling your staff to perform by offering the same rigorous hiring standards and training regimens that we use ourselves; optimising your costs through well-trained staff with the right attitude

“Excellence/Perfection is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends..”

Brian Tracy

We take pride in our work, recognising that our success is based entirely on our ability to continue providing you with relevant, cutting edge solutions that add considerable value and a great return on investment. Understanding that markets, conditions and businesses evolve and change with time, we recognise that our products and services must continue to adapt to these changing conditions.

Our assurance to you is that we will always give of our best to help you achieve your goals.

BrandServe Investment Philosophy.

BrandServe is an investment holding company for entrepreneur-led, customer-focused businesses.

The group invests in businesses that offer ‘best-in-class’ solutions and are, or can become, category-leaders in their fields in the following segments:
· Sales, Marketing and Research
· Training and HR
· Emerging technologies focused on improving retail business such as Workforce Engagement, Product Management and Retail Technologies

“The only way you survive is you continuously transform into something else. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company.”

Ginni Rometty

BrandServe recognises that markets and businesses evolve over time and that its continued success is dependent on its ability to provide its customers with innovative, market leading products and services that maximise market-share opportunities for brands.

Valuing innovation and strong, committed management with a deep understanding of their businesses and markets, BrandServe invests in companies providing comprehensive solutions that give customers peace-of-mind with the challenges they face in their businesses, and add strategic value to these businesses as they grow their brands.

People are the core of our business

– from helping you ensure consistent product availability on the shelves to market research and actively promoting / selling your products, we recognise that our staff must project your brands positively and effectively.

We recognise the value of diversity,

of team-work, and the advantages that complementary skills can bring to a business – at all levels.

Our people are selected carefully to ensure they identify closely with and live our core values of customer-centricity, hard work, innovation and independence. We believe our people need to feel a part of the BrandServe family, a winning team, and we work hard to bring out the best in them – focusing on their strengths, training and stretching them to achieve.

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